Asana Academy Certification?

Hi there! Curious if you earn a certificate of completion if by watching/completing all the quizzes in Asana Academy. If so, are certain video’s required? Would like to submit to a potential employer.

Hi @kimberlylsweat, welcome to the Asana Community Forum!

Certificates upon completion of the Asana academy courses are not available at the moment! but this is something our team have in mind and hopefully we can implement it in the future. You can currently see if a course have been completed in a purple badge in the course:

I also recommend you having a look at our Ambassador Program in which you can get a certificate and badges: Asana Ambassadors • Asana

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thank you. I currently do not have a job (working hard to get one) or use Asana, but it is a requirement with future job opportunities, so I wanted to get a certificate of completion after watching all the webinars/training to include with my application when I apply at certain companies. I had an interview yesterday and they told me to get experience with Asana but I am not sure how to do that besides education…The potential employers require Asana experience and this is the best thing I could think of to provide, to prove that I am familiar with the platform…Any other suggestions on how I can gain knowledge/experience in order to land a job?

Thanks for getting back to me, @kimberlylsweat! I recommend you to apply to our Ambassador program and get access to so many resources that will help you. For example:

  • Share your Asana Ambassador badge and certificate on social media and on your work experience to show your status as a member of our Asana Together Community
  • You’ll become an even better Asana expert and have access to the best training resources
  • We’ll give you ready-to-present event templates, materials, and presentation decks

Our Asana Together community program connects customers and experts around the world to teach, learn, and achieve more!

You can apply at and our team will be happy to process your application! :slight_smile: