Area to manage Tags and Custom Fields

It’d be great if we could manage the Tags and CFs for our projects.
Although I can see which are the CFs, I have no idea of how many tags I have on my acc.


I agree and that’s why I created two tools in the mean time: Custom field explorer and Tags explorer


YES! We need a way to manage tags by pulling all tags associated with our accounts/workspaces. Without being able to see all tags in a list I come across duplicates and have no way of easily deleting unused tags or tags created in error.

PLUS, in order to create a Zap in Zappier, you have to use a tag to trigger the automation in Zapier. Although, I suppose you could create new tags that have “Trigger>>tag_name”… which is probably a good idea so that you know which tags are trigger tags and which are not. UGH. There has to be an easier way to manage theses…