Are sub-task attachments visible at the task level?

I have a project that we use for idea (pre-project) management. Each Task acts as a mini-project. If we want to add details on meetings or research, we create sub-tasks. I add an attachment to a sub-task as needed. This works fine but I’m now realizing that if I look at the task in the board view, I can’t see any reference to attachments on the associated sub-tasks. I’m pretty sure this is a “works as designed” but I wanted to see if I’m missing something.

It is indeed by design. Subtasks and their task are not really connected, whether it is the due date, completion status or attachments. Furthermore subtasks are not part of the project either…

Thanks for the quick reply. While I don’t fully embrace your “there’s no connection” statement (there has to be keys associating a sub task to a task and then a task to a project - so that’s a connection for sure.)

I guess the adjustment I have to make is this. If I want to elevate the presence of an attachment within a task, I’ll have to associate it to the task rather than the sub-task.

Well, it it what it is. Thanks.

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Hi @Peter_Nelson :wave:t5:

As it stands, the only way to see an attachment from the task is by adding it directly the task as you have mentioned. Unfortunately, there is no other workaround that I can think of to achieve this.

Sorry I can’t be of a greater help here Peter! I hope you have a great week!

It was a provocative way of saying that this connection is not the one people expect. All completed subtasks do not complete a task, due dates of tasks and subtasks are not related etc.

Understood. There’s no “roll up” awareness between the grouping of sub tasks to the task.


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