Archiving Tickets


Oftentimes there are tickets that aren’t going to be completed for one reason or another and should be removed from the backlog. The only option right now is to mark them as complete, which is inaccurate since the ticket was not completed. Deleting it isn’t the right answer either since we need to keep a record of the ticket. It would be great if we could archive tickets instead of marking them as complete, similar to the way we can either archive or delete projects.



If you archive the Tasks and you longer see them in the Project, it seems like a pretty good way for them to disappear and get lost forever.

Would a separate Section for these to be done but not any time soon Tasks, work as an alternative? And this Section could be put at the bottom of the Project so it’s more out of the way.

If you are using Tasks as tickets, another option would be to create a custom field for ticket status. Options for that custom field could include “Waiting on Customer” and “Pending”

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@Kelsey, I imagine Asana is reluctant to add a feature like archiving tasks because it will add complexity (though maybe if there are enough votes…).

As an alternative to @Vince_Mustachio’s suggestion, you could move those tasks to a “Tickets - Archive” project you create.



Or have a task in the backlog called “Archived tasks” and move a task as a subtask of it when archived. But a project is probably better.

You can also add a tag (I think @paulminors shared something about this recently) and then if you want to see archived tasks you can run a search for completed + having the tag.

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Thanks for the suggestions!

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I agree with @lpb on moving them to a projects called ‘Archived Tickets’. I think it will keep a clean workspace in your other project, yet keep the archived ones readily accessible when you need them.

Good luck!

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