Archived projects and My Tasks




How I use Asana: Every morning I open My Tasks, usually with a view that shows all tasks- Completed + Incomplete. Then I print the task list and set it by my workstation or take it with me on the field wheresometimes I cannot take a mobile or device along.

However I have a lot of projects that I have archived as I had to defer their implementation. In my normal workflow, what happens is that the tasks from these archived projects show up in My Tasks view. Now lot of users have raised these issues and you have given workarounds, such as unassigning them (Archive doesn't do much) and all.

I was wondering if a better implementation would be a simple YES/NO checkbox on the Customize View dropdown, where the checkbox asks if you want to show tasks from Archived Projects. I dont know how many users face this issue, but it really hampers my workflow as I have to manually collapse archived projects before printing My Task list (also wasting precious paper in printing extra stuff).

I realize I am merely a free user at this point (not at a scale right now that I need more users/premium), but I really love your product and would be happiest if you could fix this!