Archive project- what happens with unfinished tasks?


I would like to archive some projects, but am curious what will happen if there are unfinished tasks and subtasks?

Thanks much for the help.

I just tested this on my personal tracking project which has LOADS of tasks in it. Once I archived it, I went to check “My Tasks” and all of them were still there. I believe archiving is more for housekeeping purposes, as they are able to be restored with one click.

Thanks Sarah! I should have tried that myself. I very much appreciate the help.



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No worries! When you don’t know the outcome, it can be a bit scary to try something. Happy to help :slight_smile:

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Please have a look at this post. You might find it useful :slight_smile:

Thank you @Sara_Miguel for your help! :smiley: Have a great Tuesday!

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