Archive a Section in a Project

There might be a better solution out there, but what I currently do is the following:

  1. Set up a section called “Complete”
  2. Set up a workflow that automatically pushes completed tasks to the “complete” section
  3. You can then change your project view to “incomplete tasks” only so you can focus on those and you can always change it back to all tasks or completed tasks, as well.

This is a highly requested feature, you should join the discussion there Archive a Section in a Project

The problem is not that they don’t share the roadmap. The problem is that they don’t care about feature requests and votes by users. If you would be able to track how many top requested features where implemented within a reasonable amount of time (i.e. 1 year for the smaller features) you would learn that they are a few, if not zero.

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Still waiting Asana!
Though I started using Asana without the possibility of completing a section I very much want that option.
And I have not been presented with a better organizing option than to use a section for our ongoing event schedules and content calendar.
Please let me know - ASAP - if there is a plan to address this or a better option for our workflow. If not, we are new enough to Asana that switching platforms would not be a big deal for us. Awaiting your response Asana…

Asana is built on the relationship between projects and their tasks. Just like subtasks are nice for organizing items within a task, sections are nice to organize tasks within a project. That is the key functionality and what Asana has intended for sections, and I don’t see them changing their philosophy on this any time soon.

Please give us an archive section option :slightly_smiling_face: