Approvals in Status Updates doesn't include sub-task-approvals

We use our project Status Updates for weekly release notes. I’d like to include all approvals in our project. Trouble is, the drag-and-drop module ONLY includes approvals at the Task level. (not sub-task or sub-sub-task or sub-sub-sub-tasks…etc)

Ideas I’ve tried

  • Link to a saved search - works when clicked close in time to the release of the status update, but doesn’t work for past updates.
  • Screenshot of saved search - meh. Not clickable.
  • Just not including them at all - boooooo

I’d love any/all ideas and advice!

Welcome, @Amber_Boaz,

Did you consider multi-homing (add to project) those subtasks back into the same project you’re giving status for so that they now appear as top-level tasks and would appear for inclusion in the status updates now? The pattern folks use is to multi-home them to a “Subtasks” (or similar) always collapsed section at the bottom of the project to keep them out of the way as much as possible.

Hope that helps,


Interesting. So both the Task and the Approval sub-task would be multi-homed to our project…?
Interesting. That could work!
Lemmie poke around with that!

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Is there a way to automate that multi-homing?
Meaning can I create a rule that says "upon the creation of any approval, add it to the parent project in the bottom section?

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Perhaps with (cc: @Phil_Seeman).


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You also might be able to do this using Rules for the project?

I didn’t spend much time thinking about it but since it’s subtasks to be automated, I figured Asana’s rules were not applicable but Flowsana has features related to subtask rules.

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