Approval Changes Requested, how do I stop the task from being closed?

I’m assuming Approvals can be used as features that either pass testing or are sent back for additional changes. When I mark an Approval as Rejected or Changes Requested, the task is closed out and no one can see the task. How does that make any sense?

Isn’t the whole point of the feature to give feedback to the assignee? If the task is closed out, how will they know to look for comments or feedback on how to get it Approved?

I’m really struggling to see how this feature can be used in any capacity as is.

Hi @twu

The suggested way to use the Approval functionality is to use SubTasks for the approval aspects rather than the main task having the approval.

Check this post out for more details.

Hope this helps



We already use subtasks to designate if a task has been validated. I was hoping Approval would shortcut that process and replicate a bit of what bug tracking software does (single click sending back to someone). What you’re describing is extremely painful: Adding subtasks, clicking into each one, clicking on “more”, changing each subtask to approval, assigning each subtask to someone.

I really don’t understand the use case of “changes requested” or “rejected”. How is it helpful to have that in history for a subtask?