Applying a Tag that triggers a Rule

Thanks for the replies! I still get a little stuck at the point at which this becomes ‘hard to understand’, but recognize the friction it adds to the process and the likelihood of an incomplete picture due to the inevitable failure to promote some subs to a project.

A common best practice I recommend with subtasks is to use the task’s comment thread (not the individual subtasks’ comment threads) to discuss the task or any subtasks

I wrestle with this because my impulse is always to keep the conversation in immediate context. Aggregating all conversation about a group of sub/tasks in a single master thread is low-friction on the input, but it gets hard to parse later (since @mentions of subtasks only appear in the original thread… if they were also surfaced in that subtask’s thread e.g. ‘mentioned in … [post text]’, that could solve.)

I think I just need to suss out why I’m married to using subtasks. All of this functionality I want from subtasks could be accomplished with regular tasks that are set to block a master.

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