App that Links to a Form

Hey Guys,

We use a mobile sales team and they often have support requests and they would like to make these from their mobile as they are moving around… as opposed to calling into the office

Is there a way to link an asana form to an app or make it simply to make the support request from the mobile device so that our in house support team can take over the request?

Hi @Dan_Sowden and welcome to the forum!

Can you be more specific as to what you mean by “app”?

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Hi Phil - Thanks for the question. We are looking for some sort of simple mobile approach for our sales agents in the field to submit a request. They are not generally technically advanced and need a simple process. I have seen options where you can download a webpage link to your phone in what looks like an app but possibly isn’t.

I’m happy to hear any recommendations? Perhaps this common challenge where our forms deliver the requests to our support teams, its just accessing the forms that needs to be simplified.

Hope this supports my earlier query,


Thanks for the additional info.

Each Asana form has a unique URL link that allows it to be displayed in any browser. Would it work to supply a list of these forms and their links to your field sales agents (could be in a simple Word or Google Docs document, for example; or as browser favorites; or as a set of links on an Intranet web page you create; etc. etc.)?