App no longer remembers last view on opening

On a recent IOS update, the app no longer remembers the last view on reopening.

For example, in My Tasks, I normally Use a dotted list view, but on reopening, it always defaults back to a calendar view, which I then have to change and re-sort every time.

Until recently, the app would return to the last used view in My Tasks when I opened it.

*sorted list view

Hi @Jen13, welcome to the Asana Community Forum and sorry for the trouble here. Let’s try to solve this together!

Can you confirm if the issue persists after uninstalling and reinstalling the app? If so, please send me your Asana app version and iOS version and I’d be happy to investigate this further.

Looking forward to your reply!

Hi - it still has the same problem after reinstall.

Asana iOS app version 8.33.0
iOS software 13.7


So is this not considered a bug? I see it’s been moved.

It used to work until last week. And it’s still not working as of today - if you load up the app, “My tasks” defaults to a calendar view, not the sorted task list I normally use.

Hi @Jen13! Apologies for the late follow-up here, I’m investigating this issue but unfortunately I haven’t been able to reproduce it. The last view is automatically saved only in the My Tasks List, are you experiencing this issue also when you access your projects? If so, you would need to manually save the view as default. We have also released a new version of the Asana app for iOS, can you please update it to see if that solves the issue.