App deauthorization callback?


Is there any way to get notified when a user Deauthorizes my app (from the list that is accessible under My Settings → Apps).

In other words - as an app developer I would like to know when a user uninstalls the app from Asana so that I could clean up their connection and/or data on my end as well. Is this possible?

For example, one way that I’ve seen elsewhere is a DELETE request to the app’s redirect URL with some metadata (like the user ID who deauthorized).

I could not find any information about this in the developer docs.

Hi @Siim_K and welcome to the forum,

No, Asana doesn’t provide any such notification. I agree it would be a really nice feature to have.

The only way to know at present would be to periodically try to access a user’s data and see if you are unable to get reauthorized. Definitely not an ideal solution.


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