Anyway to run scripts on the Desktop App? Like you can in browser with plugins?

There are always missing functions in Asana and people ask for them but of course, they can’t add everything everyone wants.

Right now I was looking at how to add sub-sections, which is a popular request.

The closest I can come is adding a task sub-task, then clicking the arrow to reveal them in the task list. But Asana does not remember the setting. Page load its gone.

I notice Asana Desktop app is based on Chrome, it has the developer console. If I run this in the console, it reveals all sub-tasks (expands the arrow):

for (const element of document.getElementsByClassName('ProjectSpreadsheetGridRow-subtaskToggleButton')) { }

Then followed by this:

for (const element of document.getElementsByClassName('SpreadsheetTaskList-showMoreLink')) { }

Is there any way I can run this script automatically on page load in Asana Desktop app? If so, then there is a whole host of amazing features that be introduced.

I would normally do it in the Chrome browser using Tampermonkey, but I prefer using the Desktop App.


Hi @Laurence_Cope,

The Asana desktop app uses the Electron framework, which essentially wraps the core Chromium browser in a shell that lets it run in desktop environments. Unfortunately Electron doesn’t officially support browser extensions so it can’t run things like Tampermonkey.

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