Anyone know how to get all of my projects to appear on my dashboard?


Since I cannot get the left side scrollbar to reliably appear and since many other users are apparently experiencing the same problem and the bug is still not fixed, I’d like to at least be able to see all of my projects on the dashboard. Unfortunately, only one appears. I’ve tried dragging them from the left toolbar into the dashboard and I’ve tried re-arranging the dashboard (alphabetically, etc). Nothing works. Any ideas?


Hey @Joanna!

Apologies for the trouble that you’r experiencing here. Could you explain what you mean by being unable to get the eft scrollbar to appear? Could you run a test to see if this is a browser issue by loading Asana in either an incognito window in chrome (or a private window)?

That said, in order to add a Project as a card you must load them individually from your Dashboard page. Dragging and dropping Projects into your Dashboard screen will not load these Projects.

If you run into trouble along the way feel free to reply with screenshots of what you see (feel free to delete sensitive info as need be).

Speak soon!