Anyone attending 20NTC?

I’ll be in Baltimore in a month for the annual nonprofit technology conference. This is my first time attending and I would love to connect in-person with any fellow nonprofit Asana users! Let me know if you’ll be there and are interested in meeting up :slight_smile:


I’ll be there and it’s my first NTC as well!


Hi @Mia_Velasco :wave:
Asana is going to be there & we’d love to meet you in person! We’ll be posting about attending very soon but looks like you beat us to the punch :wink:


@Michael_A that’s great to hear! Looking forward to meeting you :smiley:

The technology staff from Urban Teachers will be there and we’re all Asana users! We’re based in Baltimore so that allows all of us to go to this NTC.


Hi @Dar_Veverka :wave:
You’re going to be speaking at Oktane with our Impactcloud friends at Okta too, correct? We’d love to meet & connect with you while at NTC as well!


I’ll be there too! Perhaps a Birds of a Feather table one day?


Great idea @Amy_G!

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I will also be attending, as my Namati colleague @Mia_Velasco is well aware. :heart_eyes_cat: It will be great to share the NTC for the first time and to team up with Mia so we can spread out and share notes.

I hope Asana will have some great swag! :sunglasses:

I look forward to learning more about how Asana serves the nonprofit community, and hope to hear some stories from nonprofits about their challenges/problems and how they’ve used Asana to overcome them. So far, it’s been a pretty great experience for me at Namati so far!

Is there a roadmap describing features of special interest to nonprofits that have been added to Asana? Are there new features being considered that we can contribute to?

YES! Great idea. :bird:

Tangentially off topic: As community manager for Namati’s global legal empowerment network, I’d also like to connect to share notes with NTC attendees on the use of discourse, the open source software platform powering this forum which we also use and love. I don’t know how many organizations are starting to adopt it, both for knowledge management/team engagement internally and externally as a community forum.


I’ll be there as well. Not my first NTC, but definitely interested in chatting with fellow nonprofit Asana users!

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Definitely drop our booth, we’d love to meet you @Karen_Bray-Pollak!

If we’re able to secure a birds of a feather table for lunch, we’ll post about it in an upcoming post :raised_hands:


Sadly I just cancelled our trip to the conference. I’d love to hear a recap of any good discussions when you return. Have a great time.

Hi @Mia_Velasco, @pdmcdermott, @Dar_Veverka, @Amy_G, @tobiaseigen, @Karen_Bray-Pollak, and @Erin_Fogel

Asana confirmed two days ago that we will no longer be able to attend 20NTC. We hope to return the next time the conference is held. That said, while we are disappointed in not being able to attend this year, I am happy to see us coming together as community to do what we can to stop the spread of COVID-19.


Hi Michael -

They did cancel 20NTC yesterday and the Maryland governor announced restrictions on large meetings over 250 people so would have been canceled today by the convention center I assume. We’ll miss seeing everyone!