Any reason why I shouldn't use Workspaces like this?



Something that I’ve tried very hard to figure out a workaround with is organizing my notifications by project. I really don’t like that all projects and all teams in my Organization go into one Inbox. I want to be able to sort.

So now I have a new solution that kind of works. I’d like your input to see if this is the best way to go about this and if there’s anything I should consider.

I have a services-based business with multiple clients and team members.

Currently, I have my “Organization”, a “Team” per client, and then projects for those clients under that “Team”. I add my team members to the projects that they are working on.

Now I’m considering starting a “Workspace” for each client and housing their projects there. That way, we have individual inboxes for each client and notifications are separated that way. It doesn’t accomplish my goal of separating notifications by Project but it does separate them to some degree which is better than everything being in one Inbox.

Do you think there’s a better way to accomplish what I want to do? Is there anything I should consider that I’m not considering right now?

I know there are restrictions and features whether your team members have your Organization’s domain in their email. I’m not concerned about that.



@TarW At first glance it seems like you are de-centralizing your focus by jumping between workspaces when we know that Asana cannot report across Workspaces. I think this could be less efficient then having your current command and control center. This may be a conflict in using the Asana Inbox versus Email but if your have email like Outlook you can direct emails into folders by key words which of course can be your Project Names. Generally you have the option to receive emails for almost everything that ends up in your Inbox. As I said spreading your clients across multiple Workspaces would appear to fragment your team structure of an Organization which are not available in Workspaces . This seems like a reporting problem. I would also check the Asana API and see how much is available for Inbox Notifications. I would guess a programmer could create a specialized Inbox Notification sorted by project for not that much if the data is in the API.


@TarW Margo here from Asana. One thing to consider with breaking the client work into workspaces is now your team will have multiple Asana ‘My Tasks’ to check for assigned Tasks and Subtasks instead of one centralized to do list or ‘My Tasks’ lists to plan the day and prioritize what to work on first.


@James_Carl I was thinking about doing something with email notifications like that. Thank you for your insight and suggestions!

@Margo Very good point about all the tasks being listed in one place. That’s a very big deal. I’ll keep all the clients under one Organization for now. I’ll try to figure out a system with email notifications to separate the notifications.