Any plans to "swipe" to delay due dates, like ToDoIst and others?



When going through a long, long list of to dos in the morning, it would be helpful to be able to reorder them quickly via a swipe motion in the app like ToDoIst, Google Inbox or others. This would make Asana much faster and more manageable.


Thanks for the great idea, @lmsergio. In an ideal world, what would you like the swipe to do? Currently, you can swipe right to complete the task and swipe left to have the option to delete. You can also hold and drag tasks to re-order them in the list.
Would you prefer that the swipe left allows you to change the due date?


I know it is not the same, but I change or set the due date when I want to be reminded and I mark the task as “Mark for Later”.
In that way the task is sent to the “Upcoming” the week before and to the Today the due date.


Helpful context here. Sounds like use of the mobile app would be a fun topic!


How do you [quote=“carlo, post:3, topic:56”]
“Mark for Later”

in the IOS app?