Any Personal Assistant here ?

I am starting as a PA next month and I wanted to find a good app to organize my to-do lists and schedule.

I have a few questions:

Can my boss add some tasks in my to-do list ?
Is it easy to do?
Is the calendar feature good?

If there is a PA here who uses Asana and can explain to me how it works it would be amazing!!!

Thank you for anyone taking the time to answer me,

Looking forward to use Asana.


welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

Asana is definitely the go-to tool for you :slight_smile:



Yes :slight_smile:

In order to get started with Asana I have prepared this overview a while ago, I recommend going through that as it covers a lot of things and links to guides that Asana provides: 📌 How to get started with Asana? - A Guide from A to Z

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