Any one know a way to only search Archived Projects or List the projects I have archived?



Am trying to clean up my Upcoming & Later sections within My Tasks. And have just realised that Projects that I have archived, without removing myself as an assignee of the tasks are appearing in My Tasks. So was trying to work out a way to easily remove myself as the assignee.

On going I will make sure that I remove myself as the assignee when I archive.

Thanks in advance.


Hi @Jason_Woods You can view a list of archived projects in your sidebar. In the sidebar, click on a team name, then scroll through the team’s projects, and at the bottom of the project list (in the sidebar, in the team) you’ll see a link to archived projects. :slight_smile:

Also, out of curiosity, before you asked this question in the forum did you take a look at the Asana Guide, Google search, or otherwise? I’m trying to get a sense of people’s interactions with the forum and the Guide together. Thanks for your insight!


Thanks Alexis, will have a look at that.

Yes did a search through the Asana guide first…


Thanks for the feedback!