Any ideas how my Assistant can follow up on my tasks, whilst on holiday, without assign all my task to her?

I do not want to share my password, but I would like my Assistant to follow up on task that are due. I have to many task to manually change the owner. Any tips?

If your tasks are public then your assistant can click on your picture and see your “public” My Tasks. Thus he will be able to follow what is due.

Other solution, if you multi select all the tasks, you can then change the owner in 1 click.


You could also multi-select and add a special tag so you as the assignee was not changed from your assistants tasks.


Hi @Esther_Lasschuijt

Perhaps multi-homing those Tasks into a Project for her to keep an eye on could work, in addition to the suggestions made by @Julien_RENAUD & @James_Carl


This is the way