Any idea why I can't see anything except Task and

Any idea why I can only see Task and Conversation but not anything else. I’m the owner/creator of this organization and there’s nobody else in it. I used this account a few years ago now I’m trying to get back into it but seem completely stuck. I can’t create a team, nor a project.

Screen Shot 2020-07-09 at 11.19.32 AM


It might be that you’re a “Guest” not a “Member” of the organization. Any chance you’re now using a different email for login than you did before–one where the email domain doesn’t match the domain of the org? Can you try logging in with that other email address that matches the org domain if so?

Or any chance you’re not in the org/workspace you think you are? Verify by hovering your profile image, or clicking it and verifying there’s a checkmark beside the org you intend.

Hope one of those might be the issue,