Any idea to archive emails in Conversations?




I would like to centralize every email from (or to) customers of a project in the Conversations view of a project in Asana. The goal is to keep an archive of all exchanges with a customer in one place for every team member.

I tried to use the as CC in every emails that i send but customers don’t have accounts on Asana (and i don’t want them to access it) and so they can’t save their replies in Conversations. I tried also to create an email group (in Google Apps) and add the Asana email at it but it didn’t work.

Any idea to use the Conversations view as an archive ? Or maybe is there an external tool which integrate with Asana that can do this ?

Thanks a lot in advance !

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Maybe your email client could forward the replies to Asana?
For example



Hi @Nicolas_Hodin good question - unfortunately Asana isn’t really optimised to work like this. You’re absolutely right, getting your email in is pretty easy, but getting the client’s response is a bit tricker. I’d explore @stefan’s recommendation and see if you can auto-forward replies to the right project.

Depending on your mail service, you may be able to use Zapier to automate some kind of solution as well.



Thanks for your anwsers !

I’m using Gmail and it’s not possible to forward emails to non-verified address. To verifiy an address, Gmail needs to send a code and, as Gmail is not a member of the team, it can’t create a conversation, so i can’t get the verification code…

I will explore Zapier automations to see if it’s possible to do something with.

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Hey Nicolas, have you read Asana’s documentation on auto-forwarding emails?

It’s a bit convoluted, and requires an email account just for it (that takes up a space in Asana unless it’s a guest), but might work for your purposes maybe?