Android: You Cannot Recorder Offline Tasks

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:

Tap and hold a task in “My Tasks” in a Workspace. Instead of being able to move it to somewhere it says “You cannot reorder offline tasks” even though I am online and can reorder tasks that were created in Chrome.

Steps to reproduce:

Tap and hold a task in My Tasks

Android version: 10
Asana version: 6.45.5

Hi @arod412, welcome to the Community Forum and thanks for reaching out! Let’s see if we can work this out together.

In order to investigate this further, could you please try and reinstall your app and confirm if you’re still running into this issue?

Looking forward to your reply! :slight_smile:

Hi Emily,

Yes I had tried reinstalling the app. This was my first time installing the app on my phone as well (Google Pixel XL)

Thanks for the additional information @arod412! I investigated this further and I confirm it’s currently not possible to reorder offline tasks. It seems the issue is related to your previous report Android: Sync is one sided . I recommend you contacting our support team as advised in the thread, they’ll be able to check more details from your account that I don’t have access in the forum.

Thanks for your understanding!

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