Android Studio Tools -> Tasks -> Configure Servers Asana Integration


I found the asana integration in Android Studio. Unfortunately there seems no way to pass my Personal Access Token as an HTTP Authorization header, and receive Request failed with HTTP error: Unauthorized

Is there a way to enable this integration? We currently use Asana for bug tracking, but will move to Github if we can’t resolve this.


Perhaps allowing to send the PAT in the URL query string would make this possible.

Did you have a look at the API documentation, especially the part about authentication?

Hi Bastien,
I certainly did, although I wasn’t immediately sure where it was possible or not to use Android Studio integration without a Premium account. Would you be able to confirm whether Android Studio integration is a Premium only feature?

From my knowledge, the API itself could be used with any plan. However, premium features of the app can be accessible via the API with a premium account obviously.

This is what I interpreted too. I wasn’t sure whether Android Studio was regarded as an app or simply a client of the API. Being unable to send a http authorization header with the request from the Android Studio Configure Servers dialog seems to suggest it is an app though and therefore premium only.

My guess is that Android studio is supposed to send “regular” requests, like any other app would… Can you share maybe the configuration you are using?