Android Compact List View truncates custom field chips needlessly

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When in compact view on android, the custom field chips are truncated even though there’s plenty of horizontal room. This example shows with large font where it’s really bad, however it also happens with normal font sizes.

Steps to reproduce:
Go on mobile, enable compact mode in list view, and view a project list that has custom fields which creates these “chips”

Browser version:
Happening on android 7.88.5 (7880500)

What version of Asana are you using (Personal, Starter, Advanced, Enterprise, Enterprise+, Premium, Business or legacy Enterprise)?

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I agree, but I suspect it’s not a bug but a design decision to be able to fit more custom fields on a row, and an unoptimized implementation that doesn’t check how many custom fields actually need to be displayed and if there’s room to make them longer.

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Considering the chip truncates at the same location when in non-compact mode, when it is right-aligned (and makes sense to be truncated), I’d wager it was more of a shortcut being taken by a developer rather than a design choice.

Regardless design choice or not though, this is still clearly a technical issue/bug with the app and would appreciate if this could be moved back to the appropriate section, considering there’s no issues with chips being truncated elsewhere in the app.

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