Android Asana widget not able to display Workspace on homescreen

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
The Asana widget on my mobile device’s home screen stopped functioning today (826/22). I removed the widget and attempted to re-add it, however it will no longer connect to either of my two workspaces.

Steps to reproduce: When attempting to add the Asana widget to my home screen, the app asks me to Select a Workspace, When I click on either workspace, I get an error message telling me “Workspace needs to be opened in app once before setting up the widget.” I opened the workspace in the app, and then reattempted to add the widget again, but it did not work. Same error. I also tried clearing the Asana app data and force stopping it. No success, same error. I uninstalled/reinstalled the Asana app and restarted the phone. No success, same error. At all times I did log in to the workspace first through the app.

Browser version: N/A. Using the latest Android App from Google Play (downloaded 8/26/22) on a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, Android Version 12, One UI 4.1

Upload screenshots below:

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Update forgot to I clude Asana Android app version. It’s 7.15.6 (7150600)

Hi @Ryan_Flugaur, thanks for flagging this.

I suggest reaching out to our Support team so that they can look into this further for you. You can contact them by following these steps:

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Same problem here! Has it been resolved?

Not yet. I did submit this to the support team. They’ve acknowledged reciept, and say they’ve sent it to their engineering team, but that there is no ETA on a fix.

I’m experiencing same problem.

Experiencing the same issue with Android device.

Okay, I believe I have identified the issue. Asana does not identify “Personal Projects” as a workspace if you check under Accounts in your settings, the widget will work for workspaces after logging into your account on a counter, but any boards you have under “Personal Projects” currently will not function with the widget because it needs an active workspace.

Please correct this.


I won’t mark this as solved because Asana’s engineers still have to fix this issue.

@Edward_Gordon and others,

If indeed this is happening with “Personal Projects” specifically, this may be a permanent limitation.

Personal Projects is a very old feature of Asana, never as fully function as either Organizations or Workspaces (which perhaps would work fine here) and their use has been discouraged for a long time.

If you need to copy projects from Personal Projects to an Org or Workspace you may be able to use:

See also

Hope that helps,


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