Android App Crashes

Hi Everyone,
I am facing the following issue. I have just updated the app on my Android phone and now when I tap on My Task it freezes and then closes itself. The same thing happens if I go to a project and then tap on the project name.
I have uninstalled and installed the App but it has the same behavior. The rest of the functionality seems to be working ok… however, I can’t check it properly.

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I had the same issue,crash after update.
Need help!

I have contacted the support team and they suggested me to uninstall and install the app. I did it but it does not work. I understand that they will be looking for a solution to this problem.

Asana has just released another update that solved the issue


Hey @Umberto_Percoco & @John_Doe

Sorry to hear you’re running into trouble here!

You’re correct, a quick uninstall and reinstallation of the app as of today should resolve any wonky behavior you’re experiencing here.

Hope this helps!

Michael_A thank you for helping
out. Indeed, everything was solved by an update.


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Hello everybody,
Today the app doesn’t work. Trying to open a specific task stop running and crash…pls for help…