Android: Add Reports in Favorites



Thanks @Marie . As a followup to this conversation and as a general product feedback – in the general, it looks like the features which address the needs of users who need to distrubute tasks between colleagues and then follow up on the execution of the tasks are not really are not given any specific priority on the roadmap. I understand that such users – managers, supervisors, team leads etc. are a minority by numbers. But the thing is, it is these users who decide whether to pay for Asana or not. So it in my opinion it would make a lot of sense on your side to give such features some priority. One of the other things I am massively missing for example, is the reminder when some tasks I assigned to other people are overdue, so that I need to followup on them. thanks, Nick


Thanks for the feedback and for providing us with some extra context @Nick_Golovin! We’re working on features dedicated to managers, supervisors and team leads behind the scenes; I’ll keep you posted as soon as I have some updates!


Quick update: our Development Team has pushed a fix for this issue, so you should soon be able to see your saved reports via the Android app (please allow a few days for the fix to go live). Happy Thursday all!


Thanks @Marie, this is great news, looking forward to working with saved reports in the app!! cheers, Nick


I have received the update on my phone. Reports now show on my projects list :slight_smile:

It would also be great to create widgets with the reports. Currently widgets only show projects, not reports.