Analyze workload and team communication



There is one thing I would love to have more insights about. How is it possible to analyze the workloads for team members and wheter team communication is efficient? There are several KPIs that would make Asana more transparent and insightful from an operational view.

KPI examples:

  • Number of tasks created per Team Member
  • Number of tasks closed per Team Member
  • Follow of closed tasks (as an indicator of being involved in closing/processing that task)
  • Number of tasks assigned to other team members
  • Number of tasks created and assigned to ‘me’
  • Number of tasks commented
  • Number of Task touchpoints (how many tasks have been assigned to me but are not necessarily still assigned to a person)

With that information, it would be possible to grasp the hidden communication dynamics within teams. Asana is like playing 10 player ping pong without seeing the ball fly, to give it a picture. And counting balls where they land (where tasks were closed) won´t give a clear picture where the ball has been during his journey.

This came to my mind when I received tasks that were not clear. That leads to communication efforts that are quite useless as the task should have been expressed clearly from the very beginning. From an operational point of view, it is important to identify team members who make team communication inefficient.

I hope I was able to express my thoughts about this. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your Feedback and expansions on this topic!