An upgraded dashboard: Viewing entire project portfolio as a PMO Kanban



I’ve got a client who needs multiple projects and needs to see where they’re at in a standard flow: Planning | Socialise | Pilot | Deploy | Production | Improve

We need this too but with one phase before and after for sales and close out.

At the moment we show this on a Kanban board, creating one task per project. This is a double up with no smarts and seems odd given everything else that Asana can do.

For us, the Asana dashboard is task run chart, with a single traffic light so we don’t really use it much anymore as a PMO tool. We do that outside Asana. Again, such a shame, as it’s SO close to what we need.

What would be really cool is to be able to set up Asana’s Dashboard as a Kanban board, so you can move each of the projects through its lifecycle and see the whole thing at a glance. And then if you could add the color coding for tags like on Asana’s Kanban then this is a game changer for cient reporting. For us it means we’d be able to retire just about every other tool that we use for project management and double down on Asana. It also means we can avoid that part of the conversation which says - hey, should we use Trello etc.