An Extra Level of Task Accountability



Asana has greatly improved my time management, and while there is a great and rewarding feeling from completing a task, there is still nothing discouraging me from putting something off for too long which sometimes results in deleting it or just changing it altogether, which kind of makes a no-drawbacks situation for a mindset along the lines of, “I don’t want to do that right now, I’d rather do this instead.”

If were able to mark a task (or subtask) as failed (which would also remove it from the incomplete/upcoming list) there could be an extra level of accountability that I could add to my life using Asana. If there were a tracking feature for them as well, I’m sure the feeling of opening the graph and seeing that you’ve only failed one or two tasks for an entire month would be a wonderful reason to keep doing what you’re doing well.


Can you achieve this using a “failed” tag and creating reports to deal with them at a higher level?


With that method, they still appear in the regular tasklist and clutter up the workflow even when the deadline for the failed task has long past.


You can still complete them so they disappear, they would still appear in your report.


Then the total for completed tasks would be skewed by the exact amount of tagged fails, which kind of defeats the impact of looking at those statistics anymore.