Am I Too Stupid to Keep Things Simple?

Hey @Russel_Fogg - still a bit buggy. I tried to use the paid version but the project template setup was not functioning as I wanted it to and required a lot of work around so I didn’t feel like it was worth paying for as that was the ONLY reason I wanted to upgrade. So now I’m on free and trying to make new projects is hodge podge madness lol. But it’s somewhat working.

In addition, I think the way I have it set up is kind of cool, but I think I may have too many tasks in a project and may need to go the route of sub tasks. Sometimes it gets overwhelming seeing over 100 tasks in upcoming - even if they are small tasks.

What did you have in mind?

@Darren_George If I understand your current setup correctly, each of the projects on the left looks like the screenshot from your original post with the columns serving as categories for the kinds of tasks under each of them. In other words, the cards don’t move from column to column, but are just checked off as they are completed.

And I assume your “PROGRESS TRACKER…” project is some sort of overview of the other projects.

Do I have all of that right? If so, how is the progress tracker set up? A screen shot of it would be helpful since this appears to be the key to a sane overview of all the various projects you’re working on.

In the meantime, I’m curious if the labels under your favorites apply to individual tasks in each shoot or whether they apply to the client as a whole. If you’re having to apply them to individual tasks, that seems like one aspect of your project setup that could be eliminated. The “urgent” and “deadline” tags are redundant with the due date that can be assigned for each task. With a due date assigned, we know there is a deadline for the task, and if the due date is within the next week, we know that it’s urgent. “Outsourced” tasks should be assigned to the person doing them. And if “needs approval” applies to you approving a task, you could just have the other person reassign the task to you once it’s ready for your approval (although this tag seems like the most legitimate one since there are other “tasks” you have to accomplish besides approving things).
These can all be viewed easily in an advanced search. I’m not sure what in the advanced search is available for free, but you should be able to limit your search to the Wedding Clients team to exclude your AirBnB tasks (it’s under Advanced Search–>Add filter–>More–>In teams).

I’d consider splitting the workflow into two

Exactly what I’ve done. The teams are separate as well. What happens is when the product moves into Production it’s also added to the Production Project and Post Production Project respectively.


![Progress In Sales]

![Progress In Post]

The Production team board is like the board for the Sales team and each time the product goes through the ranks, it’s added to the next team’s board.

Well… none of those images were added right…