Always show "Add Task" and "Add Section" buttons in List View



Hi, I have 2 comments/suggestions:

1 - it would be nice if the “Add Section” button in the list view was always shown. As it is, I currently have to hover over “Add Task”, and then the “Add Section” button will show up.

2 - If I have a lot of tasks and scroll down in the list view, I lose the top row/header that has the “Add Task”, “Add Section”, and “View: _______” buttons. So if I scroll down to a given section and want to add a task underneath it, I need to scroll back up to get the “Add Task” button. Something like “Freeze Panes” in Excel would be great, or just make it a separate bar that doesn’t scroll with the rest of your tasks.


@Scott_Ogilvie, just want to be sure you know that you can create a new task or section below an existing task or section by clicking on the existing one and pressing Enter. Then just type something to create a task, or something ending in a colon ( : ) to create a section. This works on both desktop and mobile app.

I also just learned from another thread that you can even paste a list from Word/WordPad/etc. to create a bunch of sections and tasks at once.


I was not aware of that - that’s useful, thanks!

I can’t seem to make sections by just hitting Enter - that just makes a task for me.


@Scott_Ogilvie just type a colon after the task title to create a section. :slight_smile:


Pressing enter when you’re on a section/task/subtask gives you a new line, and pressing backspace on an empty line deletes it. When you’re on a new line, typing something without a colon at the end makes it a task/subtask, and typing something with a colon at the end makes it a section.

In most respects a section is just a task/subtask with a larger and bolder font. You can assign it, give it a due date, comment on it, attach files, etc. You can also mark it complete, for example when all the tasks/subtasks under it are complete.

You can move tasks/subtasks between sections by dragging them by the “handle” to the left of the checkmark in the project or task list. You can also move tasks between sections of a project by going to the task pane and clicking the popup arrow to the right of the project name. This is a big timesaver when you have a long list of tasks divided into sections.


Thanks for the responses everyone! Nice to have a community with helpful people in it :slight_smile: