Alternative task app since new update?

The new update has ruined Asana for me. Anyone know of a different app that has a kind of today/upcoming/later functionality?

@Nik_F what issue have you got?

You can manipulate ‘my tasks’ with some customisation/structure to get around the issue, let me know if you want some help.

I have a similar setup, with Today (runs off due dates), Upcoming (runs off due date and priority tag) and Later (runs off priority / effort)

:slight_smile: I know I can learn to setup rules, but I’d rather not since it’s a klugey path to what used to be, swipe left and select.

Anyhow, Todoist seems to be more what I’m looking for. Sorry Asana…I was a user for years, but now there are too many 'features '.

@Nik_F this functionality is still available, it is just setup differently now. It is arguable more customizable and personally I wouldn’t classify it as a workaround. Sure it is a change but I think it is for the better. Hope you find the time to re-evaluate. Perhaps swipe options is something that is improved in mobile down the road.

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