Alphabetize team members

We often have large teams. I am sure we are not unique in that.

When I go to the Team Settings lightbox to find someone, delete them, or whatever, I spend an absurd amount of time looking for them because the list is not alphabetized.

Likewise, if I go to a Conversation and click to see the many collaborators (I assume the same is true if a Task has many collaborators), that list is not alphabetized.

Please see the two attached images. (I put a bar over one of them to hide email addresses).

The “logic” of making it so difficult to find someone on a long list is not readily apparent.

Hi @Robert_Tolmach. I see what you mean. When I pull up my team (~20 members), it IS indeed alphabetized by first name. @Emily_Roman I assume the alphabetised by first name is the expected behaviour? Any idea why this is happening for Robert?

Thanks, Bernie.
I checked other of our teams. Same problem.

Hi @Robert_Tolmach, I’ll be happy to investigate this further!

Can you confirm an how many members you have on you team? It seems to be related to the total number of members as @Bernie_Orelup can see the names alphabetized by first name in a team of 20 members.

Hi Emily

That one has about 60 people, I think. Our second-largest team has fewer than 20 people. It is alphabetized in the lightbox but not on the Team page. See green and red arrows on this screen grab.


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Thanks for confirming this information @Robert_Tolmach! I’ve escalated this to our team so we can investigate further. I’ll keep you posted!

Hi @Robert_Tolmach and @Bernie_Orelup! After investigating this with our product team, we can see this is currently working as expected. Team Members are alphabetized when there are up to 50 members but when the number of member is higher the list won’t be alphabetized. Our product team is aware of this request and we will certainly consider updating this functionality once we work on changes on the team page. I’ll keep you updated! Thanks again for your feedback!

Hi Emily

Thanks for the reply.

That is bizarre. The larger teams are the ones where it is most essential to alphabetize the list. If there are four members, I can spot everyone easily. If there are more than 50, it is a nightmare.



@Emily_Roman, I have to agree with @Robert_Tolmach on this. It seems unusual that this limitation would be present and undocumented. It is certainly more beneficial when you have a larger (50+ member) team.

That said, based on your feedback, it sounds like this is something the team would prioritize as enhancements are made to this page. Thanks got making the product team aware!

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