Allowing for duplicating of Project Templates 2.0

As a new user, this is something that’s desperately needed already. So frustrating as the work around mentioned still leaves you with lots of work to update all the due dates. This was suggested over a year ago, it crazy to believe nothing has been done?!

It is much needed here. I work for a large digital marketing agency and we have a few common business processes around content deployment, but they vary slightly. Recreating these from scratch is very time-consuming (It took me 3 hours to get all the task dates to autocalculate correctly from the project end date on the most recent template I created.)

any update on this one??

Hopefully I’m making the same request. It makes so much sense if we could duplicate a template. It’s so odd that you can’t. Our various tasks require different templates but use similar subtasks. It’s so painstakingly annoying having to re-add all the subtasks each time.

Is there an update on this please?

Plus 1 here. This is something Asana should already have.

Dunno if this helps, but here are some steps I followed that worked:

  1. Go to the template you are trying to duplicate.
  2. It should look like this
  3. Click the link to go to the original template
  4. Use the Duplicate option in the project menu
    (will send a follow up screenshot)
  5. Click “Create New Project”, wait for it to finish
  6. (optional) If you need to move this project to a new team, you can do so now by going to Edit Project Details in the project menu
    (will send a follow up screenshot)
  7. Use the Save as Template option in the project menu
    (will send a follow up screenshot)
  8. POW you has a template!

This worked well enough for me, hope this helps anyone else in this thread.

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Screenshot for step 4

Screenshot for Step 6

Screenshot for Step 7

(sorry for all this - “new accounts” are limited to 1 screenshot per post and only 3 replies per topic. But I have been a community member for like 2 years so I dunno what I have to do to have… not even superpowers, just like “mid-powers”. :person_shrugging: )

I think this is the long way round of making a template and would prefer to click the 3 dots on a template and press ‘duplicate’ without the work around. This seems like a fairly basic request that’s been raised for over a year now.

This workaround doesn’t address the issue that you wouldn’t be able to preserve roles or relative due dates. And these to me are the best features of Project Templates 2.0.

Hi there- I am in need of the same functionality in duplicating templates. I have a template currently for a specific style of project and I’d like to make more templates that use the exact same tasks, roles, statuses, etc but changing the due dates to scale for different sizes of that type of project. The workaround presented above would be so much work for me to have to repopulate some of the features that would disappear.

I am begging Asana staff to add this feature! There is clearly a need for it!!


Adding my voice here, duplicating a template would be very useful and avoid all the notifications etc. being sent from the creation of a new project, only to make a template and delete it.

Please add “Duplicate template”