Allow to un-snooze Inbox notifications

How do you turn off the inbox snooze feature?
Will I be able to see what’s new in my inbox if I hit snooze?

Hey @La_Shawnda_Kendall

We’ll be releasing news about an ability to snooze “Due Today” inbox notifications very soon!

As it stands, if you hit the snooze button now, it will result in snoozing all inbox notifications for an hour to help you focus one Task at a time.

Hope this helps; let me know if you require any more clarity on this!

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How do I turn it off if within the hour I no longer need the Snooze?

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Hey @La_Shawnda_Kendall!

If you’d like to un-snooze your inbox, simply navigate back to your Hacks tab that’s found within your personal account settings, and turn off the snooze hack!

Let me know if you have any other questions


I’d like to add that there should be an “Unsnooze” feature. Sometimes I want to end my snooze period early and the process you mentioned above is too many clicks.


Hey @Derek_McCauley

I can appreciate why you feel this way, though it’s as many clicks to turn it on, as it is to turn it off. Seems there are some clear ways to improve the snooze button.

Great ideas though; thanks for sharing!

Hey guys,
Asana is a great tool for managing your team however, I have found that I struggle following up with tasks I’ve commented on to give directives to my team.

A really simple integration would be an Inbox “snooze feature”.
This would allow me to keep my Inbox clean by choosing to snooze an Inbox item that I just commented back to a team member on, rather than archiving it and potentially forgetting to follow up.

(I understand there is a follow up task feature on the desktop but in my opinion it’s not quite as simple and effective as a snooze item repopulating in your Inbox would be. Not to mention, it is not an option via mobile).

Curious to hear if anyone else has a tough time hammering their team with tons of volume without having the capability to easily follow up on key items.



I have to agree with a few others on this. It has been an extremely useful feature, but the only option within my inbox is to add more snooze time and no option to undo or unsnooze the inbox. I understand that it’s simple enough to go into my hacks and disable it, but there is definitely mental friction around that, as it feels a bit extreme to completely disable it when all I want to do is disarm it.

Absolutely loving the snooze functionality!
I agree that there needs to be an “un-snooze” button right next to the snooze one for it to be useful for the bigger part of the users. This would be a great addition to the inbox functionality and would greatly improve the quality of meetings and conversations within the organization.

Added thought:
Long term maybe also possible to create a “filtered snooze” which allows for certain notifications to come through, e.g. comments from tasks with a specific Tag or similar?


I aggree with member who said that availability to snooze a task in the inbox would be good option.

I use this option in my email and teach everyone to do the same.
There is many reasons why you want to snooze something and
instead of adding everything as tasks or in calendar.

Case example:
For example, I don’t want to search “now” for invoice XYZ, where i know i will do it at the end of the month on 28th because this is the time when i do small tasks which can wait.

Another case:
Someone said " Ok, i will do this and this…"
So, instead adding a follow up for small task like “this” and to check if the person done what he/she said, instead snooze back this “task” back to my inbox.

Also it would be usefull to have to see time when every snooze for particular "task/comment/etc. in INBOX"