Allow to switch between spaces from the sidebar

I have been using Asana personally for a while now, and recently started using it too inside a team. Now I had to look around for a couple days to event find out how to switch from my personal workspace to the team workspace, and it doesn’t work at all how I would have expected it to work.

Currently, I need to click on my profile to switch, but it would make way more sense from a UX perspective to have the other ‘workspace’ listed in the left sidebar below my personal workspace. This way I can see all tasks both personal and professional in one window, and together on my tasks list.

Is it possible to do this? This Would make the ux much better.

This is a highly requested feature, you can search the forum for existing threads. I myself is part of more than 30 orgs so I can definitely relate ^^

For example Viewing all assigned tasks across multiple workspaces

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Hi @Davincible and thanks for your feedback!

I’ve gone ahead and modified the title of your post so it better reflects your feedback and is more discoverable to other community members. I would also recommend voting on thread shared by Bastien above as well as Shortcut to switch between Workspaces/Organizations that are directly related to this topic.

On my end, I’ll make sure to keep you posted when I have some updates related to this topic!