Allow to see attachments full name from task details pane

Now that the task attachments are blocks instead of lists, I can no longer see the full file name of long file names without first hovering over the block. This wastes time. We often have files with the same name except for the last few characters, which might represent someone’s initials or a date.

Please bring back list view.

Hi @Angie_Canon and thanks for your feedback!

I’ve slightly edited the title of your thread to make it easier to find for other community members, hope that’s ok!

In the meantime, hoovering your mouse over the attachment should allow you to see its full title. Hope this helps, but let me know if you have any follow-up questions!

It seems Asana has been gradually making changes to how task file attachments are presenting. I’ve tried to be patient to see where the changes are going but I truly have a problem with the direction.

Currently, attachments are showing as rectangular icons and the file names are truncated. The user must hover over each attachment to see the full file name.

In the screenshot, my task has only two attachments. The file name is the same except for the very end. Sometimes a task may have as many as 5 or more files with the same beginning text in the file name.

We do not have the time to hover over each one to find the file we need.

(I see we already have a topic about deleting files taking two clicks instead of one so I’ve voted on that one. Faster deletion of images from the comment field .)


There is an existing thread on the topic Allow to see attachments full name from task details pane cc @moderators

The update to the UI of Asana in recent months has created a lot of frustration in my organization because we no longer see the full file name of the attached files on a task. Previously attached files were simply a sequential list of file names that were hyperlinks you could click on to open - now they are appearing as ‘tiles’ or ‘cards’ that are not in sequential order (oldest file first) and the file names are being cut off. This is not a good experience as my team is usually making multiple drafts of the same document, and we add the updated date and version at the end of the file name.

I have noticed that SOME of the tasks still have the old list view for files - but I cannot figure out how to revert back to that view on the other tasks. If the option to change the file list view is available please advise - if not, this would be a good feature request for teams working to revise documents.

Additionally, the new PDF viewer is not ideal - when the PDF opens you can no longer see whether or not the document has interactive fields. Before you could. Now a user has to actually download the PDF in order to determine if there are interactive fields on the file or not.

These obstacles are costing my team a lot of time. Please advise if there are immediate work arounds or if these can be put on the roadmap.

Thank you!

Tile/Card View: