Allow to filter project task list by project

I am using a “summary project” to get all of my teams tasks that are planned for the current week into one view. This means that plenty of tasks live in 2 project. One that respresents a client specific project and one that represents the weekly workload of my team. Since the new list view allows me to add projects as columns, I would like to filter by project, so I can see which tasks from a certain client / project are scheduled / waiting / blocked for the current week.


Welcome to the Forum @Lars_Antrack and thank you for taking time to share your feedback with us!

I don’t believe this is in our near term plans but I’ll make sure to keep you posted as soon as I have any update on my end!

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Hi Lars and welcome to the forum :wave:,

A work around for now would be to use Advanced Reports to monitor your teams tasks. There is a filter by project in that space.


Hi Katie,

thanks :slight_smile:

Do you mean advanced search? I would like to make use of the new list view features such as columns / fields & sections etc. These things won’t show in search results, correct? I thought this might be an easy fix since filters are available already :slight_smile:

Hi Lars,

Yes, Advanced Search and then they can be saved as reports. You are correct, the advanced search/saved reports currently doesn’t have the new spreadsheet view, but you can still pull in a good amount of tags or custom fields. I have reports with more than five custom fields added to them. I’m not sure the limit that you can pull into the report though. Here is a link to the documentation on advanced search ( When you create an advanced search you can pull in the custom fields and tags from the add filter section. If you don’t want to use that field as a parameter for your search then select ‘with any value’ as the search option for that field. It won’t use it for the search and it will pull that field into the report.

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