Allow tiers to be purchased per user

Our organization would love to use a combination of Free, Premium, and Business accounts for users that need access to the different features each tier offers. We only have 5-10 people that need the features Business offers, but this requires that we pay for about 50 Business tier accounts so that small group of project managers can access features like Portfolios and workload. I’d like to be able to choose the subscription level each of my organization’s members needs on an individual basis and pay accordingly. Having to pay for Business/Premium for everyone when many users only need Premium/Free makes Asana too expensive for us.

Additionally, I’d prefer not to be held to 5 seat increments on subscription tiers. If I have 6 people that need Business features I don’t want to have to pay $960 extra each year ($20x4x12) for 4 seats I don’t need just for that 6th person to have access. Please makes tiers subscribable on a per user basis.

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