Allow the content of "Assignees" to be used as custom- field (new type of field)

I would be handy to have the values of the assignees- dropdown, available to custom- fields. I don’t ask for multiple assignees (primary responsable workers) to a task, even this seems related to Assign multiple assignees on one task

Sometimes there are different roles for a task, like someone who has to review, confirm etc. a task. This may varie within a project, so i can’t use those rules. And not every time it makes make sense to split a task in a “do it-”, “review it-” task or to add those as sub-tasks (Correct me if i’m wrong as a Asana newbie). I guess this also would open other possibilities, not mentioned here.

Currently we have manually to create field of type Dropdown and include different Roles or Workers. This isn’t updated when there is a now co-worker

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