Allow subtasks+ subtask headings to be copied between cards

  • Designer builds card for website that includes mock-ups and details from client and passes it off to development Currently when a project has completed the design phase, a graphic designer will create a card in a developers priority task list (and on the project board) that contains all of the website mockups and notes for development. Then the developer will go and copy all the development sub-tasks from a “development template” card onto the web development project card. The development template card allows all developers to add tasks to a generally accepted workflow that we all check off to make sure things aren’t forgotten. This was all working fine when “:” was used for defining subtask headings. It no longer works since that feature was removed.

  • Frame the feature request in context of how your team is using Asana . The better we can understand how the feature request/bug fits into the workflow, the more streamlined it is for us to help sort and prioritize in our Voice of Customer process.

  • Subtasks can still be copied over from the development template card, but all the subtask headings need to be manually added back This represents a decrease in usability for us, and wasted time. The subtasks just aren’t as usable without the headings. We might have 50 development subtast broken into subtask headings like: Site Setup, Build tasks, tweaks, go-live checklist, post launch etc. Having the subheadings lets developers know that they’ve completed all of the tasks for a phase of development

  • **Our workaround is manually adding the headings back in. ** . It’s frustrating. Especially because you can’t just highlight a subheading and turn it back into one but the tab-N shortcut creates a new blank line, so the test either has to be copied into the new subheading or typed back in. Very frustrating.

Honestly, my suggestion is to just to bring back the “:” for subtask headings, or something similar.