allow subscriptions in less than multiples of 5

We have a team of 6 - yes exactly the wrong number. We would like to purchase seats for business tier but I’ve been told by Asana sales rep that we would have to purchase 10 seats, at an extra cost of more than $1,200 per year, on top of what we would pay for our 6 seats. So we are expected to pay extra money but receive no value? Double or nothing?

So it feels like lose lose. Asana doesnt get any money from us and we dont get any additional functionality. We stay on the free tier. Why is this a good outcome for Asana? or for your potential customers?

Please enable a monthly subscription for organisations/teams which is based upon the actual number of subscribers in the month or year, not some other arbitrary number. Microsoft do this and many other SAAS do too.

If someone from Asana can pass on this feedback to decision makers, that would be great.

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