Allow Start Dates to be on same day as Due Dates


I have a task I don’t want to be notified about until a certain day (Day X). I also want that task to be done that same day - so I want it to be due on Day X.

Asana will not let me put both a start and an end date on the same day. I have to put the Due date on Day X and the Start date on Day X-1.

You may think “Well, why don’t you just use the due date?” Because: there are two types of tasks due on Day X. (1) tasks that I literally cannot do before Day X and (2) tasks that I could do before Day X, but I must ensure they are done BY Day X.

For all type (1) tasks, I do not want to be annoyed by these tasks until Day X rolls around. For all type (2) tasks, I’m fine seeing them, because I can always act on them.

Please let me set Start Dates and Due Dates on the same day.

Thank you.


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