Allow "Single Project" guess accounts for free



We use asana to coordinate projects for many customers. It would be great if we could create a "single project’ guest account, similar to Slack’s “single channel guest” account. This way, we could give our customers insight into the status of their projects without exposing our entire asana to them, or being charged an arm and a leg.


I create a specific team for the client, invite them to it (that’s free), and share their project (or a subset of it) with them in the team.


Hey Julian! If you have a premium account organization (that are tied to a specific email domain), then ALL guests are free. So you can do just that!

For instance, we have a premium org and then I can invite a consultant to one of our projects for free since they’re not a member of the email domain/org. They get a more limited access, but it’s not been too much of a problem and let’s us tightly control what they see!

So if you weren’t already a premium organization, I would definitely recommend looking to make yourselves one vs a premium workspace or whatever it is!


Thanks! We are a premium org. However, it’s not clear to me how to create a guest account and limit them to a specific project. Do I need to create a team per project and then invite them to that team?


@Julian_Sutter perhaps you have solved this by now but if not… I use Premium with my clients. I tend to set up a team per client and invite them into that team and then share only specific projects ‘Publicly’ within that team. That means I can use the team conversation setting with them and set up projects that include them but at the same time have projects they can’t see (all sitting under the same group). Alternatively you can invite a guest into a specific project only, which I believe is then all they can see.


For you to have an organization, it must be defined by a domain name in the email. For instance,

All users who have an email who are added are automatically members.

If you invite someone that doesn’t have an email as their user account, they will be automatically counted as a guest and would only be able to view specific projects (or teams) they were added to.


Hey Ruth, how does that work from a contracting perspective? Do you have your client purchase premium Asana?


@Joseph_Simons, not entirely sure what you mean regarding contracting perspective.

Clients don’t need to purchase premium. The only thing I have found so far that they can’t do is, set up their own custom fields. But that is easy to get around, if there is a requirement for a specific custom field, I set it up.


I think what she meant by using premium is just a way of saying that because she has a premium organization, she can create a team per client, and since the client doesn’t have the same domain, can be added for ‘free’ as a guest - which, for consultants in particular, is the idea that Asana enabled use of.


@Caisha @Joseph_Simons - Yes that is exactly what I meant