Allow Rules to trigger other Rules

Rules triggered by one task should be able to affect other tasks, or even the project itself. For instance, a rules might say if Task A is marked with a certain field option, Task B would be assigned to a certain team member. Or if a particular task becomes overdue, the project status would be marked “At Risk.”

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Not sure why my post was moved here. Yes, rules should be able to trigger rules, but that wasn’t what my post was about.

agreed, this almost a “must” feature. I posted my bug here. I don’t how not having it is a feature. :thinking:

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Please Asana, make this happen. We all understand the complexities of allowing rules to trigger other rules as they might created endless loops. But put some restrictions, maybe you can only like 3 rules, or maybe all you need is to allow the task added to this project to be triggered by another rule, as mentioned above, that will solve most of the issues we are all finding.

We use rules to categorise work submitted through a form, with one master list of tasks and then boards for different teams, because I can’t trigger rules one a task is sent to X team board, I need to create all the category rules within the master board, but there is a limit of 20, so I need to then go back to manual work - which defeats the purpose of using Asana which is to simplify and automate Project Management.

FYI Flowsana rules can trigger other Flowsana rules; we don’t impose this restriction.

Genius. Upvoted.

It looks like Asana released the feature for rules to be triggered by other rules.

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They did release an update for this - details are here: