Allow Rules for Subtasks

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Just adding my 2 cents in hopes that this request might soon be addressed.
Our company also works mainly off of subtasks, since many tasks require several smaller subtasks and several days to accomplish the actual tasks. No it is not practical to make every task its own section and start making everything their own tasks, that just adds clutter. We really need rules to apply to subtasks so we don’t have to keep going in and manually adjusting every subtask for things I already have made rules for.
We just upgraded to the Business subscription specifically for the custom rules feature, but now it’s really of no help to us.
It’s frustrating that the answers are so often to just keep adding (and paying for) all these other plug-ins or apps to make Asana work for us.
Please please please add rules to subtasks, it would help us immensely and greatly reduce the amount of wasted time editing everything manually. (Isn’t that the whole point of “automation?”)


Welp…You consider another platform because Asana doesn’t do it. And probably won’t for years to come. Rolling out subtasks without visibility of them and without automation rules is like selling ice cream without offering a cone or cup.

How does anyone use Asana without this critical feature? I have no idea.

The only way at all to achieve what you’re doing is the have the subtasks start out as tasks and be converted manually into subtasks which is arduous and frankly stupid. but then, you can make a rule that once they are initially created before converting them to be a subtask that the task is added to another project that has all the same rules in it… then you convert the task to a subtask under a parents task and the changes to those subtask fields will In fact change… because the rules in the other project where the task is still a parent task, still apply.

If your head hasn’t exploded yet, cheers.


This doesnt work, Imagine managing a project and a change order occurs. Now you need to track all tasks associated with the change order within the same project. You arent going to make a new section for each change order that would be messy and cause massive data accuracy issues due to human error, Also there’s no way to make a new section from a from. Its all around a no go. Sorry. If you have a better solution, I’m all ears.

An alternate we tried is to tag all change orders with a custom field and the create a rule that sorts it to a change order section where we give it a unique name and then each task in the change order is a change order, and each subtask is an action item… but rules don’t apply to subtasks so it doesn’t work, not to mention that if subtasks are added to the subtasks which would be common in this scenario, you cannot see them in list view because Subtasks of subtasks arent displayed in list view.
This is unusable.

Alternatively we tried keeping change orders listed in a section and giving each a unique tag. Then if any work that’s associated with that change order is created, we just tag the task with the unique tag. We expected this to centralize all the tasks associated with the tag but the tag view is just a search view which doesn’t display the custom fields. So then we customized a search and it displayed the custom fields and tasks with tags, but then none of the subtaks show up rendering it completely useless. And we cannot use a rule to apply a parents tasks tag to a new subtasks rule. All of this is horrible and makes the platform completely unusable.

The only solution can think of to manage change orders is to create a new project for each change order which is completely absurd and not at all a solution.

If I sound frustrated its because my entire team hates that we are using Asana and are stuck with no feasible workarounds to extremely basic functions. Does Asana staff use Asana internally? Who is developing these features if they are poorly implemented?

Asking very seriously, what is the point? We are spending a massive amount of money paying people to ensure that data is being entered correctly and are desperate for rules for subtasks to automatically change statuses of parent tasks and other custom fields within a subtask.


Yeah. My team has become frustrated enough that sub-tasks are treated as second class citizens. We just moved to another task management tool. I am using asana for personal tasks now because I do enjoy it’s speed, but it’s rather rigid when it comes to anything else. This request being open for 2 years doesn’t instill confidence.

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What did you switch to? we are considering many apps to move to ASAP.

The fast that they rolled out rules without planning to roll it out to subtasks sounds to me like it was a financial decision not a technical one. Subtasks CAN have rules applied to them if the subtask was generated as a task and added to another project before being converted to a subtask as long as the other project it lives in, has rules to make it automate. This is asinine.


Yeah. I don’t personally understand how a task and subtask are even differentiated. Seems like a task should be able to contain a list of tasks (subtasks) and so all rules would apply to them. Maybe that’s something they are fixing but 2 years of “We hear you but nothing to report” doesn’t really exude confidence. I do like asana for really simple things. but it almost always seems to fall apart for software projects.

We moved to



Thanks. We will check it out!

can you please post the link or the name of the existing thread for this feature? Couldn’t find it…

Hi @patriciaimada, you are already on the existing thread :slight_smile: (Allow Rules for Subtasks - #87 by Idle_Idle)

Hey Asana team! This would be a great feature to add as we utilize Subtasks for many of our actions and would like to utilize the rules to automate a myriad of functions based on subtasks. It seems like there are a lot of votes for this - what is your threshold of votes to begin talking and developing new features based on feedback?


Have there been any updates on rules for subtasks? I’d like to be able to automatically assign subtasks if possible. Thank you!

I’m also looking to apply rules to subtasks (due dates, set assignee, etc.) - which seem quite basic. Is there any update on these developments yet?

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exactly what im trying to do

exactly what im trying to do.


I would like this feature too please! :raising_hand_woman: