Allow projects sorting in Personal Projects

While we are allowed to sort the order of our projects within a Workspace, we aren’t allowed to do that in our Personal Projects. Why is that? It would be nice if I could order them too! Can this be switched on for Personal Projects?

Personally I order on alphabet. I can’t move them in the menu. In a Workspace this does work!


PS: I read in other threads there are more limitations to Personal Projects, and that people just started creating Workspaces for their personal projects. While that is an option, I prefer to keep using Personal Projects. If it was sortable.

I believe the reason is technical: your Personal Project is actually a slice of a bigger Workspace everyone shared and you only see your own projects, making it hard to keep a sort.

I am quite sure the “Personal project” workspace is kinda deprecated and I haven’t seen Asana talk about them in years, so I wouldn’t count on any upgrade if I were you. The fact that Asana does not have a licensing model for a single user makes it quite obvious they focus on teams and companies.

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I can imagine what you say, but when I registered for my Asana account, I think the Personal Projects part was automatically there. I’m also not able to remove it, or have yet to find a way to do so. This means its a separate part connected to your profile, and not some Workspace.

Whatever it is or not, I could leave it alone and just focus on my Workspaces instead. Or use it, but then they maybe could just switch it on for folks that still use that integrated part of the system. Or do they no longer provide that, when a new user registers? Does anybody know?

Addendum : If I remove myself from my Personal Projects, it won’t be visible for anyone anymore?


I created my own answer, by taking the ballsy route and removing myself. This issue is not really solved, but not longer applicable (at least for me).

If anyone else wants to create personal projects, take the ‘make a new Workspace route’ and use that Workspace for your personal stuff. You’ll also be able to use more advanced full fledged features which were never part of the old Personal Projects.

According to Asana themselves, starting 11/01/2016, the Personal Projects feature will no longer be available for new Asana users. Check their post Why maintain Personal Projects? - #5 by Alexis for more information and a link to a blog post.

So… its somewhat solved. I’ll make a new Workspace and create personal projects in them… like a grocery list, or what I still need to do to paint my house ;). Thanks to any and all for reading/answering.

I’ll check this very post as the solution.

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